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We aim to provide our customers with the best choices possible and believe e-cigarettes are a cheaper, healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. We provide the best products and services we can to ensure you feel you're getting the best 'vaping' experience and only work with brands we trust.

We offer an incredibly vast range of e-juice and e-liquids, so whether you want fruity flavours, something a little sweeter, or if you just want to replicate the taste of tobacco, we've got you covered. At Liquid eCig UK we want to provide you with not only the best value, but also the best quality of refill liquid and e-cigarettes within the whole of the UK.

We want to please everyone, which is why we offer a wide variety of e-cigarettes and the best e-liquid flavours.

How Does An E-Cigarette Work?

When you inhale through your electronic cigarette, airflow is detected by a sensor that triggers the heating element, which turns the e-liquid stored inside into a vapour. The vaporiser, or atomiser as it's more commonly known, releases the simulated vapour from the electronic cigarette.

The most common and best electronic cigarette is composed of three main parts: the battery, the atomiser and the flavour cartridge refill. These three components work together to produce vapour when you inhale on the e-cig.

Electronic cigarettes are the best way of replicating the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. It looks very realistic and uses the same principle practices.

Wave goodbye to smoking ordinary cigarettes! E-cigs are cheaper, widely accepted in public places and there's no real smoke that clings to your clothes or makes you and those around you cough.

It's a great way to satisfy your cravings, without the consequences!